Message from Dr. Tesoro

Healing Happens from the Inside

It is my philosophy that healing comes from the inside.  No drug, surgery, adjustment has ever healed anyone.  These interventions, including chiropractic adjustments, simply assist the body to do its own healing.  You are your own doctor!

The Nervous System is the Key to Health

The nervous system is the master controlling system of the body.  It controls everything, from the release of hormones to the movement of your pinky.  If the nervous system is compromised due to poor spinal functioning, injury or improper nutrition, no other system in the body can function as well as it should. Chiropractic practice restores nervous system function so that your body may perform optimally. Chiropractic’s positive impact on the nervous system explains why it helps so many non-muscular skeletal conditions.

It is All About You

My care is truly patient centered.  This outlook means that it is your needs rather than my ego that direct my actions.  Although I utilize my expertise, experience and training to guide you toward your goals, I respect your autonomy and ability to make decisions regarding your care.


The root meaning of the word “Doctor” is teacher.  I take this original meaning seriously.  By educating my patients, I am empowering them to take control of their health and well being.

Active Participation

I hope that my patients will be active participants in the healing process.  Passive care does not lead to true and lasting results; instead it fosters dependency and re-injury.  The effectiveness of chiropractic treatment is enhanced by exercises, stretching, icing and other home treatments, and the body relies on proper nutrition to heal.  I can offer my patients advice on how they may best help themselves to improve their condition; it is up to them to follow through with all aspect of their treatment plan in order to fully realize their healing potential.

I Respect Your Time

My office does not have a waiting room; it has a reception area.  You can expect to be on time every time you visit my office.  Of course, in order to stick to my schedule, I depend on my patients to arrive on time so that I can give them my full attention and not worry that I am making anyone else wait.  It is a matter of mutual respect and understanding.

You Are Not Alone

My office staff and I consider ourselves patient advocates.  We help navigate the confusing world of insurance, assist in communication with attorneys and adjusters, and facilitate conversation between other medical providers with whom you may be working. 

Dr. Scott Tesoro
Sopris Chiropractic 


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  • "Dr. Scott and Dr. Jill pay incredible attention to detail. It's refreshing to find doctors who really listen and take a holistic approach. I recommend them highly!"