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Dr. Scott Tesoro has extensive post-graduate training in nutrition.  He regularly discusses diet with his patients and offers food and supplement suggestions when appropriate.  He advocates eating real, whole, non-processed foods and can offer advice on cooking.  Dr. Tesoro emphasizes the health benefits of a paleo-style diet.  This low-glycemic nutritional program can be beneficial for those dealing with weight issues, pain, inflammation, depression and anxiety, heart disease and prevention, lipid issues, high blood pressure and lack of energy.  As well, athletes benefit from nutritional intervention to improve performance and prevent injuries.  Dr. Tesoro bases all of his dietary recommendations on scientific research.  The detrimental effects of the contemporary Western diet are well documented–we are the sickest society in history.  By eating in a more genetically appropriate manner, we can attain optimal, long-term health.

Dr. Tesoro hosts regular Paleo Challenges.  These six-week guided programs give participants the information and support they need to make profound changes to their diet and discover an eating plan for life-long health.

Join the Paleo Challenge: October 14-November 25

Orientation Meeting (mandatory):

Monday, October 12, 6:30-8:30, Sopris Chiropractic (Alpine Bank Building, Willits)

Click Here to see what past participants have to say about the Paleo Challenge.

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